Delivering Intelligence

Powering prediction for Safety & Security



Powering Prediction for Safety & Security

PRO-EYE: We are an autonomous technology supplier delivering real-time safety & security intelligence. We combine the best open market hardware with our proprietary software to build custom AI models that does predictions for safety & security applications. All within one platform. PRO-EYE.


Our Platform enables:

  • Efficient creation of new AI models
  • Reuse Pre-Trained Models
  • Automate and refine dataset collection
  • Rapid Model Training and Development
  • Model Verification & Validation


Our Product Offerings:

  • Safety & Security Analytics
  • Safety Screening System
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Traffic Intersection Analytics


Introducing PRO-EYE

Discover relevant data to rapidly build, deploy and evolve your services. Our platform is a sandbox to build, refine and deploy AI models.


Our Product Offerings

Keeping our surroundings safe & secure

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Safety & Security Analytics

Provides environmental information and enables situational awareness. Use it for risk mitigation and crisis management.

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Use PRO-EYE to create rich feature sets such as ANPR to maximize security.

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Safety Screening

AIbond's COVID-19 response allows you to minimize risk and maximize workplace safety by automatically screening people for elevated temperatures.

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Traffic Intersection Analytics

Use PRO-EYE to develop custom AI models to detect different classes of objects such as people, bicycles, trucks, cars, etc.


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